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The Best Spiralizer Reviews Australia

Which is the best Spiralizer for the home cook? We review the main brands for sale online, Paderno World Cuisine, the Spirooli Spiralizer and the Benriner turning slicer.

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The vegetable Spiralizer slicer has been around for a few years now, but recently it has received wide and deserved recognition by health conscious home cooks like your self. The Spiralizer is perfect for low-carb diets, gluten free diets and those on a raw food diet.

It has become essential kitchen tool for making delicious salads, vegetarian noodles and many other healthy, low-carb dishes. If you see a long strand of zucchini squash cut spirally, it would certainly have come from a spiralizer turning slicer.

The Spiralizer was first invented in Japan more than a decade back. Since then, a variety of turning spiral slicers are made.

We are here to give reviews and some points of comparison for the three common varieties: Paderno world cuisine, Spirooli and Benriner.

The Benriner Spiralizer Review

Benriner is the brand of one of the first spiral slicer models, which was available to the Australia market. This type of spiralizers cutting action is vertically oriented.

Produce has to be held vertically while slices emerge at the bottom. The other two models have a horizontal designed cutting system. This Spiral Slicer offers 2 cutting style choices while the other 2 models provide tri-blade cutting options.

Benriner spiralizer reviewMany people find it more difficult cutting vertically than spiralizing horizontally which the other 2 brands and our brand offer.

Although the functions of the Benriner are similar to the Paderno and the Spirooli, you are more limited to what you can make and at a general retail price of $80.00 dollars or more it is considerably more expensive.

Spirooli Spiralizer Review

The Spirooli Spiral Slicer has an extra blade to it which is of considerable advantage. A catch container for easy storage of the blades is included inside this spiralizer.

The size of the container is 3 cups which is good enough to hold slices or noodles of a big carrot or zucchini. Also it is able to hold thicker produce than the benriner slicer.

The spirooli can make vegetable spirals with a fixed width of 3 mm and 5 mm, you can make zucchini noodles and other types up to 10 inches long.

Spirooli spiralizer reviewIt is very common to forget where the extra blades are stored. This can be avoided if you use the Spirooli. It has an inbuilt storage place to safely store the unused blades.

Unlike the Benriner Spiral Slicer, both Spirooli and Paderno have removable blades. The spirooli usually costs around $49.95.

You can buy it cheaper at Amazon but for customers in Australia you will need to convert the US dollar and then add about $10 or more for shipping, and wait 2 or 3 weeks for it to arrive.

The Paderno Spiralizer Review

The Paderno world cuisine tri-blade spiralizer is the best selling brand in the USA and the UK, at Amazon it sells thousands of units every week.

I could review all of the features of the paderno turning slicer that sets it apart from the spirooli, but to tell you the truth it is exactly the same as the spirooli and several other brands out there.

Buy the Tri-Blade Spiralizer here in Australia for only $39.95 AUD + $9.95 P&H from our store Click To Order

They have merely had it branded for their company with their logo. You can get it cheaper than the other 2 brands, but again after shipping and dollar conversion costs it will still set you back more than $50.00 Australian dollars, and once again you will need to wait several weeks for delivery to Australian addresses.

Our tri-blade Spiralizer Review

Which brings me to our tri-blade Spiralizer sold right here in Australia. And would you believe it our brand of Spiralizer is exactly the same as the Spirooli and the Paderno, probably from the same manufacturer.

And at $39.95 Australian dollars is the cheapest, not to mention your delivery will be in a few days and not weeks.

It is said that haste is waste. And it also applies when buying a Spiralizer. Do some homework and compare the models before you buy. This will help you get maximum return of investment from your veggie spiralizer investment.

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