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What Is the Difference Between a Mandolin and a Spiralizer Spiral Slicer?

The Spiralizer vs Mandolin issue is resolved, what are the differences between them and which is the more versatile kitchen tool for the home cook in Australia?

While both are used to slice vegetables, and each makes a beneficial addition to any cook’s line up of kitchen tools, mandolins and spiralizer spiral slicers differ widely with regard to function, versatility and even appearance.


The mandolin slicer is flat and board-like, propped up on one end with a stationary blade semi-embedded in its surface.

Spiralizer AustraliaThe spiralizer spiral slicer features a horizontal or vertical rod or other mechanism for holding the vegetable to be sliced, and a hand crank at one end or on top.

The spiralizer spiral cutter is safe and easy to use whereas the mandolins exposed blades are a safety hazard for unwary knuckles and fingers.

I know from experience having shaved a few knuckles on my old and now redundant mandolin, no more outbursts of angry expletives in my kitchen after a close encounter with the mandolin.


The mandolin is used to quickly slice, dice or julienne fruits and vegetables, while the spiralizer spiral slicer produces long, attractive veggie noodles and fruit ribbons, of fruit and vegetables.

The spiralizer also performs most of the functions you will find in a mandolin, but it also creates vegetable noodles which are low-carb, low sugar, diabetes friendly, heart healthy and great for the raw food diet in Australia.

Vegetarians and people on a gluten free diet love using the spiralizer as it cuts out the wheat from noodles and pasta and can also make rice from vegetables for healthier Asian dishes.

The spiralizer spiral cutter is much safer to use than the mandolin as you cannot cut your knuckles or fingers when using the tri-blades, many a home cook has cursed her mandolin for its exposed blades.


Turning the crank on the spiralizer spiral slicer rotates the vegetable against a small blade, making vegetable noodles. The mandolin, on the other hand, is used by running the vegetable repeatedly over the wide, fixed blade.

The spiraliser vegetable cutter has 3 interchangeable blades for making vegetable spaghetti noodles, fat veggie noodles, and ribbons from different fruits.

Make thick zucchini noodlesThis versatile kitchen tool allows you to be adventurous and health conscious with vegetarian recipes by replacing many high-carb ingredients with raw food alternatives.

You can find lots of delicious and healthy spiralizer recipes in our recipe collection, which are written to suit the foods and taste of people living in Australia.


Many mandolin and spiralizer spiral slicers feature swappable blades to achieve different results, but the veggie spiral slicer is a more versatile tool, performing many of the functions of a mandolin, but has the added advantage of making healthy, low-carb vegetable noodles and pasta.

That resolves the spiralizer vs mandolin issue, there are a few differences but the spiraliser wins out in the end.

The vegetable spiralizer we sell is the same model as the Spirooli spiraliser Australia and the Paderno world cusine spiralizer also sold to Australia.

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