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What is the Best Spiralizer for Raw Food Recipes and the Raw Food Diet?

The best spiralizer for raw food in Australia is the tri-blade spiralizer. There are many brands on the market but our tri-blade spiralizer is the same as the Paderno raw food vegetable spiralizer, although cheaper.

The Best spiralizer for raw foodAfter some research I found using a hand-held raw food vegetable spiralizer to be cumbersome and difficult, if you an older person I would suggest choosing a table top vegetable spiral slicer for raw food recipes.

Admittedly they are cheaper than their more robust cousins, but it takes 4 times longer to spiralize raw veggies and the actual process is much more difficult and the quality of the veggie spirals not as good.

For making zucchini noodles, pasta and spaghetti opt for a table-top raw food veggie spiralizer, make sure it has the three blades so that you have some versatility when experimenting with spiralizer raw food recipes.

The best spiralizer for raw food in Australia is really a matter of price as the brands available in Australia are the same model of spiralizer and probably from the same manufacturer, so at $39.95 our raw food spiralizer for sale in Australia is the best you can purchase.

Other Essential Raw Food Diet Kitchen Tools

I have listed here a few pieces of equipment for your raw food kitchen which will make life a whole lot easier.

A Very Sharp Knife and a Quality Chopping Board

You will be doing quite a lot of chopping up, slicing and dicing for raw food recipes so this is a most essential item. You can choose of course to use your teeth instead and chomp your way throughout the day, but this can be quite boring and tedious.

A Raw Food Juice Extractor

This will extract the juice from most fruits and vegetables leaving behind the fibre (pulp). The juices will provide concentrated fresh nutrition which is easily absorbed by the body.

Juicers vary in size and quality and you can find one for as little as $45 to the best quality at around $300, but for longevity always go for a quality juicer as you should be using it daily, and cheap juicers are known to burn out quickly from repeated use.

A Raw Food Blender

This blends your fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds into a paste or raw food smoothie and are quite essential for your raw food recipes in the kitchen. Once blended, the fibre will still be in tact so you are consuming the whole fruit or vegetable.

These too, vary in price and quality. You can start by getting a cheap little blender and progress to the most efficient, most powerful blender such as the Vita-Mix which is relatively expensive.

A Raw Food Dehydrator

When you fancy a change of texture and want food with a bit of a crunch and crispiness, consider a dehydrator.

This is like a miniature, layered oven which sucks out moisture from food at very low temperatures. This allows your food to remain raw as the low temperature never exceeds that which will kill the enzymes of the food.

A raw food dehydrator is quite expensive at about $250 Australian dollars but will allow for that extra variety should you need it, especially if you are planning on this lifestyle long term. You will be able to tuck into raw crackers, cookies and pizza.

Other Raw Food Diet Kitchen Tools

Other equipment you may consider as you progress are, wheatgrass juice extractors, food processors, nut milk bags and a raw food mandolin slicer.

Raw Food Spiralizer RecipesEven though I have listed quite a lot of equipment here for your raw food kitchen, it is not necessary to get them all. It is perfectly possible to succeed with just one or two of these items.

But getting the best spiralizer for raw food should be at the top of your list as you venture into the healthy, rewarding raw food lifestyle.

To purchase your own spiralizer for raw food recipes just visit the link to our spiralizer shop and you will be happily knocking out 5 foot zucchini spirals like a pro.

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