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Welcome to Spiralizer Australia.

Hi I’m Katey Goodrich and I want to introduce you to the Spiralizer, the handiest, healthiest and most helpful spiral slicer and vegetable noodle maker that everyone should have for healthy cooking in their kitchen.

Throw out your old knuckle cutting mandolin and trash that awkward hand held vegetable slicer because the Spiraliser does it all and more.

With the Spiralizer veggie slicer you can make endless fruit and veggie noodles and pasta from many healthy, nutritious vegetables and fruit in a flash.

What does the Spiralizer Spiralize?

Here are some of the vegetables that the Spiralizer will spiralize into veggie noodles and pasta…

Zucchini noodles (Zoodles), Cucumber noodles, Sweet potato noodles, Potato noodles, Carrot noodles, Beet noodles and many, many more.

Using your spiralizer you can also craft vegetable pasta and you can also simplify the vegetable rice making process by spiralizing your chosen vegetable first and then pulse the noodles in your processor.

The vegetable spiralizer will also create veggie and fruit ribbons and slices for healthy fruit salads and desserts.

Features of the Vegetable Spiralizer

The new model spiral slicer easily creates vegetable noodles in seconds and makes ribbon slices from fruit quickly and effortlessly.

Spiralizer Australia comes with a sturdy plastic frame made from BPA free plastics, its rugged design means long life and continued use.

This vegetable spiralizer features 3 stainless steel blades that are interchangeable and easy to remove and insert. Securing the spiral slicer to your countertop is simple as it has 4 powerful suction cups that adhere to the counter surface, eliminating slipping.

Storage of the tri-blades is conveniently built in to the spiral cutter frame itself so you will never lose your tri-blades in the kitchen drawers or cupboards.

The spiralizer is hand operated with no need of an electrical outlet or battery, which means no mechanical or electrical parts that wear down or need replacing.

How to Use the Vegetable Spiralizer

It is simple to use, even children enjoy making spiralized zucchini noodles and pasta. You just secure the suction cups to the smooth surface of your kitchen prep bench and you are ready to start making zucchini noodles, vegetarian pasta and many other healthy dishes that your family will enjoy.

Health Benefits of the Spiralizer

There are numerous health benefits of using this handy kitchen tool, you can replace high-carb and high fat ingredients such as potatoes and flour based noodles with healthy vegetable alternatives.

You can make vegetable rice and vegetable noodles that will make the staple pasta and rice dishes we eat every week obsolete, you will increase your family diet of fruits and vegetables two-fold while still maintaining healthy and delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

The spiralizer is also good for making healthy, nutritious snacks and soups for the whole family to enjoy. Let the kids help with making curly fries from sweet potatoes and zucchinis rather than the high-carb, high sugar potato fries.

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I purchased the spiralizer from Katey and have been whipping up noodles for the much healthier and the kids love them, even the carnivore hubby enjoys them...